Thank You

2016 is here. A lot happened in the last year, so I feel like I need to give out some thanks where it's due.


  • Richard R, Lucy J: You're some of the most genuine friends I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and Japan Tour was one of the most memorable experiences I think I'll ever have. Thanks to you both. Additionally, many thanks to Lucy for keeping me sane in one of our family's more difficult weeks earlier in the year.
  • Josh N, Charlotte S: Sure, I only met you for a few days in Japan, but you made those days some of the most memorable out there. Hopefully we'll meet again next year!
  • Alan L, Iman A, Alex H, Josh C: We've made amazing progress in the last 4 months or so and had an amazing laugh while doing it (and heck, even before then). Thank you, and may it continue into 2016!
  • Daniil K, Jennifer W, et al: Dota kept my mind off things during some slightly more difficult periods this year. Thanks for being my crazy lane partners this year, even if it wasn't particularly often!


Thank you to those in the UK Rhythm Community who didn't try to stir up shit this year (including VEGA and those in Southend) for being an all-around barrel of laughs throughout the year. We had some drama and stress, including the big move, but we're in a far better position to start the year.

Thank you to UK Anitwitter (including @paradox295, @Jakiba_, @asukalangley, @worbzz @chbangus, and way more that if I listed here would cause this page to overflow) for being a bunch of weebs, you weebs.

Thank you to /r/openttd for continuing to be an amazing community. I'm aware I didn't get much done last year, but hopefully with a bit more free time available I'll be able to finish some of the major work we started. I'm still extremely happy fostering such great people, though!

Thank you to /r/crohnsdisease for continuing to be the self-moderating support community that I enjoy reading every day.

Thank you to everyone at Zero Ping Heroes for dealing with my incredibly noisy IIDX practice throughout the year, and for being generally wonderful people.

Thank you to the crew and all attendees at theBIGGAME for being one of the best LAN Parties in the country, and for having some patience when production stuff hasn't always gone 100% to plan!

As foal would put it, "that was a good 2" from patronage, thank you for being elitist; but i guess Mileina Vashti is too good" to everyone on #psun IRC for being a great community, even if this year was one of the toughest.


Thank you to all contributors to the Flower project over the past 8 months or so, no matter what form that contribution took. We're in an incredibly strong position to make 2016 one of the most memorable and important for our field, and you've all had an important part in making it happen. We wouldn't be where we are without you.