Calling Time

Today I'm going to put something to bed once and for all.

Jack Woodman (previously aka paradox295), your comments, both recently and historically, regarding myself and my friends, are insulting, abusive, and in some cases infer threatening behaviour, which has absolutely no place in a public arena. The fact that you are fickle enough to call me a "prick" after I realised that all of the support that I gave you months ago was being ignored or was entirely useless is incredibly disappointing. Changing your public account to private for the sole purpose of doing the above (even when you already have a private account) is absolutely unbelievable.

The fact that you are willing to pin your own problems on others who have absolutely nothing to do with them is incredibly selfish, and shows that you have no regard for the sanity of others. The fact that you are willing to turn on your friends on a tuppence just to somehow prove to yourself in some backwards way that you are not at fault is downright insulting.

My impartial commentary regarding your present status directed at others is exactly that: impartial. The fact that you are willing to take it as myself trying to get involved in your drama again is clearly an attempt to try to bring me back into it.

People are refusing to turn up to events where you may be present purely because they are worried that some of your threats may be real, and considering your past mental health history, I can empathise with the direction they are coming from.

Please, for everyone's sake, seek some goddamn help from a mental health assistant, because you absolutely need it, and have done for the last 6 months, if not longer.

Do not attempt to contact me again, or I will reserve the right to consider it harassment.
If you continue to attack or insult the communities that I love so much, I will make efforts to ensure that you are removed from them indefinitely.

Make the right decision. Thanks.